Jumah at the DNC

                                                                                 Democratic Party’s ‘Islamic National Congress’ at Charlotte

                                                                                 THERE IS NO LEGITIMATE RAPE EXCEPT IN ISLAM                               

                                                                            ISLAM HAS BEEN AT WAR WITH WOMEN FOR 1400 YEARS

                                                   THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND ITS DECLARATION OF WAR ON YOUNG GIRLS AND WOMEN

In an interview that aired last Sunday, Akin, the Republican candidate for Senate in Missouri, was asked whether he opposed abortions for women who had been raped. Akin’s reply:


“From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. … If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down … .


“But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child.”


There is no legitimate rape. Rape is rape. 


The Democratic Party immediately declared that Akin's remark was a declaration of War on Women by the Republican Party.  But it is the Democratic Party that has declared War on Women by inviting to the Democratic National Convention, 20,000 Muslims to attend Jumah at the DNC” (


"BIMA is hosting an open air Jumah Congregational Prayer at the Democratic National Convention Friday, August 31st at Marshall Park, Charlotte, North Carolina. The Jumah Prayer will be followed by a number of other programs and events."


The Democratic Party deserves greater condemnation for promoting, with great fanfare and extravaganza, the Islamic declaration of war not only on women, but also on all non-Muslims of the world by organizing a giant Jumah prayer congregation at its National Convention to be attended by 20,000 invited Muslim devotees.


How can the DNC allow Muslims to congregate and pray at their convention. Muslim prayer lays the Moral and Intellectual Foundation For The Extermination of Christians and Jews. What do Muslims pray five times a day? Bigotry and hatred of the Christians and Jews who are compared to "a donkey laden with books."


Just as Hitler laid the moral and intellectual foundation for the extermination of Jews in Mein Kampf, so to these daily Muslim prayers and teachings of the Quran lay the moral and intellectual foundation for the extermination of  Christians and Jews/other Kafirs.   

Now, what will the invited 20,000 pious Muslims be praying in their Jumah prayer at the DNC this year? For the true reality of Muslim prayer readBehind the Muslim Prayers” to have a complete understanding of it.


In short, in each Islamic prayer, Muslims have to recite the Quran's first Surah, Al-Fatihah, which starts as:


Guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom You have favored,

Not of those who have incurred your wrath, nor of those who have gone astray.


The phrase 'those who have incurred your wrath' comes from Surah 2:61 which says, "Shame and misery were stamped upon [the Israelites] and they incurred the wrath of Allah; because they disbelieved Allah’s signs and slew His prophets unjustly; because they were rebels and transgressors."


The phrase “those who have gone astray” comes from Surah 4:44 which says, "Consider those to whom a portion of the Scriptures was given [i.e., Christians]. They purchase error for themselves and wish to see you go astray."


So, Muslims in their standard prayers ask their God Allah to keep themselves away from the path of the Jews and Christians, because they are unjust, transgressors, on an evil path, and have incurred the wrath Allah, Who has stamped shame and misery upon them. They repeat this supplication at least seventeen times in their daily prayers.


Apart from this, with each recitation of the Surah Fatihah, they have to recite another smaller Surah or part of a big Surah randomly from the Quran. And we know that the greater part of the Quranic surahs and verses are about condemning the infidels – Jews, Christians, and Polytheists – even calling from their extermination (see Quran 9:5), subjugation and humiliation of Christian and Christian into paying jizya (see Quran 9:29), and even capturing infidels women for keeping as slaves and raping them such as in Quran 33:50:


O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war…


In fact, in Islam, there is no concept of rape, when forcible sexual violations involve non-Muslim women. In verses of the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet, such sexual violations are made sanctimonious and encouraged Muslims to commit such sexual atrocities upon infidel women.


So, what is the Democratic Party doing at its National Congress this year by holding giant Islamic Jumah prayer festivity?


Isn’t it not only a declaration of war upon women, but also an open house for spreading hatred and inciting atrocities against all non-Muslims, specifically against the Jews of Christians of America?


In fact, the Friday congregation prayer, aka Jumah prayer, is even more offensive to Jews and Christians, because it requires further recitation of Surah 62 (The Friday Congregation) and Surah 63 (The Hypocrites). Surah 62 specifically condemns Gentiles as being "in gross error", and Jews are compared with "a donkey laden with books”. Surah 63 condemns "hypocrites," those who have renounced their Muslim faith. “They are the enemy. Guard yourself against them.”


The Democratic Party is making a farce out of the deaths of 2, 973 murdered on 9/11 and a farce of the deaths and maiming of thousands of US troops who have bravely fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are legitimizing the inequality of women and by doing so are placing at risk the legal equality of American women. 


The Democratic Party is supporting Islam whose primary goal is to conquer the world for Allah, force all kafirs to convert to Islam or be murdered, destroy all world religions and  manmade constitutions and their replacement with Sharia Law.  This is to be accomplished by all means necessary including Jihad.  80% of all Mosques in the US teach Jihad indoctrinatingyoung Muslim men to go on Jihad murdering US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The DNC is supporting the overthrow of the US government and murder of  US army service personal.

                                Criticizing Islam, shari'ah law or the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad is apostasy and therefore punishable by death.

·                            Q Fatwa 21021, Part No. 1, Page 414


·                            Any Muslim who states a preference for democracy rather than shari'ah law or questions anything in the Qur'an or Sunnah is a kafir (disbeliever), considered an apostate, and therefore sentenced to death.

·                            Q Fatwa 19351, Part No. 22, Page 239- 



·                            Non-Muslims living in lands ruled by Islamic law (shari'ah) must pay a poll tax (jizyah) in order to be subdued and feel subjugated to Muslims.  Refusal to pay the tax grants Muslims the right to wage war against the non-Muslims.

·                            Q Fatwa 4461, Part No. 1, Page 215

·                            Q Volume 3, Part No. 3, Page 183-190


·                           Waging war against non-Muslims (jihad), even those who are peaceful, is encouraged so that other religions and atheism will be purged from the earth.                               Volume 2, Part No. 2, Page 437-440

Rape is the second greatest crime that can be committed against a woman. (Murder being the greatest crime.) Robbed of her humanity, she becomes a living dead person

psychologically scarred for life.


In Islam, rape is not a crime but a holy, divine act of God. Muslim men can rape and gang rape their sex slaves. They can rape and gang rape kafir women with impunity in what has been termed in Europe - Rape Jihad. Quran 4.24.  In Norway, 75% of all rapes are committed by Muslim men who only make up 2.5% of the population. 


In Islam, Muslim men can rape Muslim baby girls. Quran 65.4


In Islam, Muslim men can rape their wives.  There is no concept of spousal rape. A Muslim woman is the property of her man who can demand sex at any time and cannot be refused. Quran 4.34.  See video


In Islam, you can attack and rape Muslim women and if the Muslim woman cannot provide 4 eye witness accounts from Muslim men attesting to her rape then she can be stoned to death or lashed 100 times.


This is the sheer barbarism against women that the Democratic party is supporting at its convention. 


The remark by Akins is deplorable and reprehensible but pales in comparison to the sexual molestation of children, the rape of kafir women, sex slavery, forcible sex with your wife, or the greatest indignity of all - murdering women who have been raped for the crime of being raped without 4 witnesses - which begs the question as to how 4 men could stand by and allow a women to be raped. All these evil acts are laws of God.


The DNC is also granting legitimacy to prophet Muhammad - A Monster of History who was a child molester of a 6 year old child - Aisha and raped her at 9 and had a woman who gave birth stoned to death in front of her baby not to mention his countless other crimes of massacres, terrorism, torture etc listed at


Aisha Sat On The Prophet’s Lap And Was Raped


Tabari IX:131"My mother came to me while I was being swung on a swing between two branches and got me down. My nurse took over and wiped my face with some water and started leading me. When I was at the door she stopped so I could catch my breath. I was brought in while Muhammad was sitting on a bed in our house. My mother made me sit on his lap. The other men and women got up and left. The Prophet CONSUMMATED his marriage with me in my house when I was NINE years old."


Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64:


Narated By 'Aisha : “That the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years” (i.e., till his death).


Muslim (17:4206- A woman who became pregnant confesses to Muhammad that she is guilty of adultery.  Muhammad allows her to have the child, then has her stoned (the description is graphic).  For complete Hadith go to  and read from Muslim (17:4206)


“….She said: Allah's Apostle, here is he (baby) as I have weaned him and he eats food. He (the Holy Prophet) entrusted the child to one of the Muslims and then pronounced punishment. And she was put in a ditch up to her chest and he commanded people and they stoned her. Khalid b Walid came forward with a stone which he flung at her head and there spurted blood on the face of Khalid and so he abused her. Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) heard his (Khalid's) curse that he had huried upon her. Thereupon he (the Holy Prophet) said: Khalid, be gentle. By Him in Whose Hand is my life, she has made such a repentance that even if a wrongful tax-collector were to repent, he would have been forgiven. Then giving command regarding her, he prayed over her and she was buried.” 


You tell me what kind of man is sexually attracted to a 6 year girl - only a perverted pervert.  What kind of man would order a woman or any human being to be stoned to death let alone in front of her new born baby - only a MONSTER could commit such depravity.


Muhammad ordered 62 massacres and personally participated in 27.  At the massacre of Karbala, he ordered a fire be set on the Jewish chieftains chest forcing him to reveal the location of the cities treasure and when he refused the chieftain was beheaded.  At the massacre of Banu Qurayzah, Muhammad ordered all Jewish men beheaded (600 to 900) and in order to distinguish young Jewish boys from young Jewish men had their pants pulled down by his SS known as the Companions and their groin inspected for pubic hair.  Those young boys with the slightest trace of pubic hair were beheaded.  The women and children were sold into slavery. 


Do you understand what I just wrote?  A prophet of God had the heads chopped off 600 to 900 Jewish men and the pants of 13/14 year old Jewish boys pulled down to inspect their groin for pubic hairs – the slightest trace of hair and these poor boys were taken away naked and beheaded. Dear Reader – Are you not outraged? Where is the outrage? Where is humanities, humanity?  Where is the Democratic Party's humanity? Where is Muslim’s humanity?  What kind of people have we become that we can no longer comprehend evil?  We have lost our souls – the very essence of our being.  We have evolved into living, dead people. 


How can any human being let alone a major American political party give aid and comfort to an ideology whose God and prophet had the pants of Jewish boys pulled down and genital area inspected for pubic hair? Can you imagine the terror in these boys? To be beheaded at the age of 13/14.  Do you not hear the wailing of the women and the children as the prophet of God orders the Jewish men dragged out completely shackled, forced to bend down in front of a trench Muhammad had assisted in constructing to control the blood flow as the beheaded heads fell into the trenches by the hundreds: a stagnant river of blood flowing nowhere. Picture the prophet’s sword being raised - the bright Arabian sun flashing off the sharp blade and then the prophet smashing downward with all his might – the skin and tissues binding the Jewish head to the Jewish body violently severed spurting blood in all directions covering the prophet’s face and clothing.  The head of the still living Jew would slump over not yet fully chopped off requiring the prophet covered in blood to bring down his bloody sword a second time smashing through the remaining skin and tissue and the head finally falling to the ground then stacked in a pile like bloody cordwood with eyes.


 What a fearsome sight Muhammad was that day.


 What of these poor 13/14 year old Jewish boys dragged away naked and beheaded.


Employing your minds eye, go back to the market place all those many years ago; having been found to possess pubic hair and therefore knowing that beheading will be their fate, the Jewish boys will be frantically begging for mercy.  It will take two Muslim men to control this frightened young child man and drag his naked bum across the hot desert ground. The poor Jew will be yelling and screaming frantically, his arms moving wildly in all directions.  Upon arrival at the killing station, another Muslim man will grab the boy’s head as he tries to avoid the downward thrust of the sword.  Stretched out like a human airplane, with the eyes and bloody severed heads of his father, older brothers, uncles, friend’s fathers, older brothers, uncles, staring up into the wild eyes of this helpless man child, the sword will make a clean thrust right thru the skin and neck bones severing the head in one great flourish.  Blood will spurt all over these holy Muslims sanctifying their heroic deeds. Blood will pour from the empty cavity. The head will be tossed into the street joining the head pile.   Laughter will ensue as these holy of holies congratulate each other on a job well done.     


Is there no humanity for these poor, murdered, murdered?


What of Hitler whose SS had Jews (young and old, men, women and children, healthy and infirm) stand naked in front of mass graves as in Baby Yar, Ukraine and then shot in the head, so they would fall forward into the ditches. Blood would spurt from the blown off head onto the SS executioners.  For this massacre go to;


At the massacre of Banu Qurayzah, Muhammad obeyed Allah’s teaching Quran 8:6 to the letter:


“It is not fitting for an Apostle that he should have prisoners of war until He thoroughly subdued the land….” (Allah insisting Prophet to kill all the prisoners, and should not keep any surrendered prisoners alive until He (Prophet) occupied entire Arabia.”




Quoting From Islam


Bukhari:V4B52N177 "Allah's Apostle said, 'The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."


Muhammad's dealing with the Jews of  Banu Qurayzah, encouraged and assisted by Allah, was a perfect parallel of what Hitler did to the Jews. Hitler and this German SS robbed and looted the property of murdered Jews. When Hitler came to power, Jewish businesses and property were confiscated. Everything was seized from expensive paintings to exclusive furniture. Their women and children were stripped of their clothing, forced into slavery, and after slaughter in the ovens, gold teeth were pulled out of their burnt skulls.


Hitler's mission of exterminating the Jews in the 20th century was not new. It had a more diabolical precedent, which came as a divine mission through the Koran and Muhammad some 13 centuries earlier.


By inviting Muslims to its convention, the Democratic Party is granting respectability and legitimacy to Islam, Prophet Muhammad (AKA Allah)  and Islam's mission to conquer the world. The Democratic Party is renouncing God, Jesus, the US constitution and are condemning women to eternal inequity, repression and  subjugation. 


The Democratic Party deserve greater condemnation for promoting, with great fanfare and extravaganza, the Islamic declaration of war not only on women, but also on all non-Muslims of the world. SHAME ON THE DNC.









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